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2nd e-book Project

#The curator will personally invite 50 artists only from all over the world to participate in this project.

Dear friends;

     The world is now suffering from Coronavirus, a disease which was first identified in Wuhan, China and has since spread globally, resulting in an ongoing pandemic.  It is a highly infectious disease that easily spread between people during close contact and thus affecting all kinds of movements and activities. The world seems to be interrupted and stopped. It may be that some of our loved ones, acquaintances, or even our families are affected by this pandemic. As painters, the surroundings and situations often trigger the idea for us to express our voices through works of art, such as drawing, painting, print, photography or sculpture. In March/April 2020, the Faculty of Fine Art, National Academy of Arts, Culture & Heritage (ASWARA) MALAYSIA announced an 'art call' to produce an ART JOURNALS named COVIXED (1st e-book project). The e-book will be launched by the Minister of Art & Culture Malaysia in the middle of June 2020. 


       In the wake of this success, the Faculty of Fine Art has launched an international art call to produce The International Collaboration Art Project titled 'THE BRIDGE' (2nd e-book project). Only 50 selected artists worldwide are invited to join the collaboration project. The theme of the artworks produced by the artists must represent current situation during the pandemic but not necessarily confined to COVID 19. Nude is not allowed. Artists are free to use any types of medium in their works.

2nd e-book Project

Denis Charmot (FRANCE) &

Haslin Ismail (MALAYSIA)

# sample


Every artist need to create their own artwork(s) and email a high resolution photo of the work to the curator ( The collaboration artist, in Malaysia will complete his/her part of the work on the first artwork. The curator will compile all of the works for an online art exhibition. In conjunction of the exhibition the university will launch an e-book. Please state the artist’s name, title of the work, country and artist’s statement (optional).

Participation deadline: 31 JULY 2020.

# sample

Denis Charmot (FRANCE) &

Suzlee Ibrahim (MALAYSIA)

The Bridge: Online International Art Exhibition 2020

Title of the exhibition: THE BRIDGE 

(International collaboration art project)

Exhibition: 15 September 2020


Documentation/publication (English): e-book (with ISBN) produced by the

Faculty of Fine Art, National Academy of Arts, Culture & Heritage (ASWARA)


For more information, please contact:

Mr Suzlee Ibrahim

The Dean, Faculty of Fine Art,

National Academy of Arts, Culture & Heritage,

464, Jalan Tun Ismail

50480 Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA

Mr Suzlee (curator for The Bridge), took part in many art activities such as The 5th Paris Art Symposium, 17th International Visual Arts Symposium in Monastir, Süleymanpaşa Municipality International Arts Workshop, Langkawi Artistst in Residency Program (Langkawi AiR 2013), Ausrtia-Malaysia Art Friendship Workshop, Malaysia-France International Painting Workshop (MAFE), The 8th International Visual Arts Symposium in Monastir, Art For Earth Aid (Art Workshop) Taito Hall (Tokyo), Japan-Malaysia World Arts & Culture Exhibition for Friendship in 2007, Malaysia-Poland International Painting Workshop, Emaar International Art Symposium (Dubai) and 10th International Workshop for Visual Artists - Remise Academy (Brande, DENMARK).

July 2014:  International Colony of Art Kicevo,



Jun 2019: The International Visual Arts Festival, Monastir, TUNISIA

Jan 2020: The 65thZervas Art Fair /5th PARIS ART SYMPOSIUM, Paris, FRANCE


1st e-book Project

An Art Journals: COVIXED. The e-book will be launched by
the Minister of Art & Culture Malaysia in the middle of June 2020.

Mac/April 2020: 'Art Journals COVIXED'

(local project/ Malaysia)