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Beginning in early 2020, the world seems to be paralyzed due to the transmission of the virus COVID 19. Without realizing, this situation has made the artists closer to each other and support any effort to hold various forms of artistic activities. Globally, every day we see that there are certain parties organizing activities such as exhibitions, art talks, symposiums, conferences, art competitions and even ebook publishing held online.



           National Academy of Art, Culture and Heritage (ASWARA), Kuala Lumpur Malaysia as the only arts university under the Minstry of Tourism, Art and Culture Malaysia also does not want to be left behind. Throughout Malaysia and the world in the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO), ASWARA has held art talks, symposiums, conferences and has also organized art competitions in various fields such as fine art, music, dance, theater, creative writing & film and animation & multimedia.


          Faculty of Fine Art ASWARA has already released an Art Journals called COVIXED and has been launched by the Minister of Tourism, Art and Culture Malaysia; YB Dato' Sri Hajah Nancy Shukri on July 7, 2020 located at the ASWARA Broadcasting Center (ABC), Kuala Lumpur.


            On top of that success, once again the Faculty of Fine Art ASWARA will release online exhibition on line called ‘The Bridge’.

'The Bridge'


Virtual Art Exhibition

Mr Suzlee (curator for The Bridge), took part in many art activities such as The 5th Paris Art Symposium, 17th International Visual Arts Symposium in Monastir, Süleymanpaşa Municipality International Arts Workshop, Langkawi Artistst in Residency Program (Langkawi AiR 2013), Ausrtia-Malaysia Art Friendship Workshop, Malaysia-France International Painting Workshop (MAFE), The 8th International Visual Arts Symposium in Monastir, Art For Earth Aid (Art Workshop) Taito Hall (Tokyo), Japan-Malaysia World Arts & Culture Exhibition for Friendship in 2007, Malaysia-Poland International Painting Workshop, Emaar International Art Symposium (Dubai) and 10th International Workshop for Visual Artists - Remise Academy (Brande, DENMARK).


July 2014:  International Colony of Art Kicevo,



Jun 2019: The International Visual Arts Festival, Monastir, TUNISIA

Jan 2020: The 65thZervas Art Fair /5th PARIS ART SYMPOSIUM, Paris, FRANCE


1st e-book Project

An Art Journals: COVIXED. The e-book will be launched by
the Minister of Art & Culture Malaysia in the middle of June 2020.

Mac/April 2020: 'Art Journals COVIXED'

(local project/ Malaysia) 

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