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ABSTRACT expressionism artists heavily use emotions and expressions in the creation of their artworks. Emotion is the prime mover in the imageless works they produce. The process connects three important essentials - the brain, eyes and hands in laying out the colours, compositions and gestures in creating shapes and spaces in a painting.


“The artist is a receptacle for emotions that come from all over the place: from the sky, from the earth, from a scrap of paper, from a passing shape, from a spider's web.”   - Pablo Picasso


            Pablo Picasso’s statement coincides with the process of daily work. Especially how they get the initial ideas from nature and the environment they see around them. Landscapes and environments often trigger the brainstorming of an artist who is creative and sensitive to the environment in the production of the work.

            Different places with different terrains, landscapes, vegetations and weather can lead to change of emotions and expressions. This movement and emotional change are the driving force of colour placement, composition and gestures to produce an abstract expressionism artwork that is more free, spontaneous and personal.

            The change of emotions and expression is clearly seen through the colours, techniques and composition of each work. Artworks like Brande's Wind 2002 (Brande DENMARK), Ombak 2006 (Kuala TERENGGANU), Sakura Series 2008 (Tokyo JAPAN), Wall Series 2008/09 (Great Wall BEIJING), Monsoon Series 2009 (Batu Rakit TERENGGANU), Sahara Series 2010 (Sahara Desert TUNISIA), Waterfall Series 2011 (Sekayu TERENGGANU), Langkawi Series 2013 (LANGKAWI) as well as the Summer Series 2014 (Kicevo MASEDONIA) show intense gestural expressionism.

            Other series such as Pangkor Series (2011), Kinabalu (2014), Dragon Dance Series (2016), Moon Cake Festival (2017), Midnight Summer (2017/18) and also Patriot Series (2018).


"The artworks are born from the internal feelings and strong emotions of my soul that has been apart of me since 30 years ago."  - Suzlee Ibrahim


Forest in Summer 2000 (Birmingham ENGLAND)


Brande's Wind 2002 (Brande DENMARK)


Ombak 2006 (Kuala TERENGGANU)

WEBSummer In Brande.jpg

Title: Summer In Brande


Brande/ DENMARK)


Title: Sahara Series


Sahara Desert/ TUNISIA)


Title: Sakura Festival


Sakura/ TOKYO)

Title: Camouflage No 3



suzlee ibrahim www suzlee com Slide35.JP

Title: Langkawi Series


Chenang/ LANGKAWI)


Title: Kenyir



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